Sometimes, when a client sees their gallery of images they ask where all the rest are. They heard me take more pictures than were presented in their gallery so, where are they and why can’t they see them?

The short answer is to think of a session as the process of making art and while I am taking photos the whole time, not all of them are the quality I want to present to you. Most of the time, I’m really working towards creating something for you.

In any session, I will be making rapid real-time adjustments which requires test shots, changing up composition and solving any lighting challenges to ensure that I create the perfect image for delivery.  I end up taking lots of excess images that help create the final product, but they are not the final product, and won’t be treated as such. Other images you don’t get to see are the outtakes, blurry shots, and duplicates. For any given photo you see, there may be dozens that are slight variations on it that are a bit less good.  Eyes closed, hair in the face, mouth open. etc.

I spend my time combing through all of them, doing side-by-side comparisons until I landed on the best ones. I will never have two different photos that are both great and only give you one of them. Part of my job is to sort through all the excess, exposing the heart of the shoot so I can give you what you need: quality, professional photos.