Summer is almost over and that means school is starting soon! If you are like me you are facing this upcoming date with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. This will be the first year for me that ALL of my little ones will be in school. So, I keep thinking, HOW can I make their day a little brighter? We’ve got the obligatory first day of school pictures in the yard and I’ll likely put a sweet note in their lunch box. But what else?! I was thinking along these lines when I stumbled upon these ADORABLE school themed cookies at Life is Sweet Bakery in Keller and I KNEW this was it. THIS is that little extra bit of fun I’m looking for.

Listen to me people. GO GET THESE NOW. They are beyond amazing. The owner, Season, has created all these adorable cookies. One of my favorites is the little note-card one that you can personalize with a note to your child. How fun is that?!