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Meet your Keller, Texas portrait photographer – Sarah Hoover.
My passion is to capture priceless moments and the fleeting nature of adolescence for your family.
You can keep your family portrait treasures for a lifetime and pass to the next generation.
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The Importance of Professional Photography

A love of photography is what inspired me to become a professional photographer. There’s something truly magical about having your photo taken by someone with an eye for detail and the ability to capture the essence of the moment. I’d like to discuss the importance of professional photography. Sure, selfies have their place in today’s world. Even so, there are some very compelling reasons to opt for a professional session instead of grabbing your phone and hoping for the best.

Capturing Important Family Moments

It should come as no surprise that family photos are one of the best examples of the importance of professional photography. After all, photographs tell us what’s important to us in our lives. And for many people, what’s most important is their family and the moments that make the time spent together as a family special and worth remembering.

In fact, if you ask most people what they would grab first in an emergency situation if they had to leave their home quickly, family photos rank right up there with jewelry and other valuables. This is because family photos capture and chronicle the growth and development of an entire family over the years. I can help you capture and preserve family moments with highly personalized family sessions that involve:

  • Annual group photos
  • Strategically posed family photos
  • A combination of group and individual shots
  • Family members and beloved pets also considered part of the family

Professionally prepared family photos can serve many different purposes. In addition to being displayed in traditional family photo books, your family pictures can be conveniently sized so they can be included in holiday greeting cards or displayed in appropriate frames. Digital copies of your family shots can also be easily sent via email or displayed in creative ways with photo software.

Getting Little Ones to Let Their Personalities Shine Through

As a professional photographer, I have experience working with little ones not inclined to pose for beautiful and meaningful photos. Toddler sessions are typically conducted in a way that makes the child feel comfortable while also keeping them calm.

This process sometimes involves a favorite toy or stuffed animal. Even a cherished family pet can be part of a toddler session if the animal helps keep the child calm. Toddler sessions are also routinely conducted in a way that’s fun and relaxing for little ones.

Prior to sessions, you’ll also have the opportunity to discuss how you want photos staged. However, I do recommend that you consider having some genuine candid shots included in your photo package. These are often the photos that mean the most when looking back at your child’s early years.

Photographs of this nature matter because they literally freeze precious moments in time. Childhood, in particular, is a moment of our lives that passes by much faster than we realize. If you’re a parent of a toddler, you’ll be grateful that you have professionally taken and prepared photos that preserve your child’s early years forever.

Preserving Your Legacy through Every Stage of Life

Photographs represent the small pieces of our lives. These “pieces” ultimately fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to provide a complete picture of of our personal story. Precious toddler sessions can easily transition into professional school photographs from kindergarten through graduation from high school.

Speaking of high school graduation, another service I offer is senior sessions. I’ll take several photos that are in line with high school yearbook requirements. Lots of fun photos featuring seniors preparing to head out into the real world can be taken as well. What’s more, you’re welcome to bring props, or even bring a friend who’s also graduating with you!

Speaking Directly to Your Emotions

There are many moments in life that are full of wonderful emotions. The beauty of professional photography is that the emotions associated with life’s special moments can be captured and preserved.

Best scheduled between 32-36 weeks, maternity sessions, for instance, can be more intimate and shot in a way that captures the emotional connection you are forming with your developing baby. With sessions like this, I’ll recommend poses that accentuate your beauty and illustrate your natural radiance. Equal attention to detail goes into newborn sessions scheduled shortly after you give birth!

Couples sessions are just as special. They’re also appealing because couples of all ages can appreciate having their relationship visually documented. Sessions can be tailored to each couple’s preferences. Older couples, for example, might prefer something more elegant, while younger couples may want photos that are more spontaneous and casual – of course, it’s perfectly fine if it’s the other way around!

Professional photography has been around in one form or another for well over a century. Even in today’s selfie-obsessed world, there is still a place for a photo that’s taken with a seasoned professional behind the camera. Contact me today to set up a session that’s right for your needs and preferences.

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